Components for third parties

With more than 30 years of experience, our company is specialized in CNC machining (turning and milling) for third parties. We machine both under tolling agreement or consignment a wide range of materials: stainless and carbon steel, Duplex and superalloys to make components on Customer's design. Reliability,  professionality and flexibility are features that have always distinguished us among our competitors over the years.

Prodotti a disegno (conto terzi)
Materie prime

Raw materials

Our company, in most cases, starts its production from round bars, that we provides to cut (autonomously up to Ø400mm) in discs or pieces ready to be processed. Depending on requirements, we also buy: pipes, shaped (plasma/laser/water cut), forged or complex semi-finished products. Purchased raw materials is inspected and identified by a batch number before use. Only when compliance is confirmed the material is made available to production.
OMCAR Inox is highly specialized in Stainless Steels and Carbon Steel machining. In smaller quantities we also handle Duplex, "Superalloys" (Inconel, Stellite, Hastelloy, etc.) and Bronze. We also have years of experience in machining weld overlay.

In order to minimize non-compliances and guarantee at the same time the quality of the final product, every new supplier must pass the qualification process required by our QMS (Quality Management System) certified ISO 9001:
1. Initial investigation
2. Classification
3. Sampling
4. Monitoring (annual revaluation)


OMCAR Inox has several latest-generation CNC lathes and machining centres with up to 5 controlled axes, which allow to carry out a wide range of machining operations, up to an approximate Ø of 600mm. The type of machinery and the company structure allow to guarantee an excellent quality/price ratio on medium-small series (generally from 1 to 1000 units). Speaking of dimensional control, the company disposes of several measuring on-board instruments such as: digital gauges, micrometres, depth gauges (and others) and a metrology room equipped with CMM Spectrum ZEISS machine, a profile enlarger and a roughness tester. Each instrument is periodically checked and calibrated. This allows us to maintain tight tolerances, even in the order of one hundredth of a millimetre.

Materie prime
Materie prime

MES Software

In order to guarantee deliveries on schedule, OMCAR Inox has adopted a computerized production planning and monitoring system. The Metronome software allows us to easily manage every order throughout the production cycle. From material procurement (MRP), to workload planning (scheduling), to complete job monitoring through off-grid workstations and networked machines, able to provide analysts with production data in real time.