Angle seat Valves

Pneumatic valves for intercepting the flow of fluids or steam, in ON/OFF mode (standard) or proportional mode by means of a positioner (optional)


We produce stainless steel immersion mixers, ideal for corrosive environments and food & beverage market. Versatile and customizable can easily be adjusted for any kind of tank or plant. 


We produce spreader slat rollers, spiral rollers, smooth rollers for woven distension in both dry and wet enviroment. Tails can be customized according to Customer needs


We import and trade standard flanges EN1092-1, ANSI 150 and ANSI 300 in AISI 304/316 material.
T1A, T1B, T5A, T5B, T2A, T11, T13, Slip-On e Welding-Neck in different sizes and PN

Ball valves

We import and commercialize standard ball valves in AISI 316: 2-way 2 pcs, 2-way 3 pcs, 3-way "T", 3-way "L", with or without mounting flange, with welded or threaded GAS connections